who are we

MJ company is considered one of the well-established companies specialized in manufacturing chips in Syria and with more than ten years experience in the manufacture and trade of chips. We are subject to providing what is different and distinctive to the markets to match the variables tastes of customers, so our company management has a clear mission at work aimed at satisfying customers

Brands and products

Chips Bilow

More flavor on your mood

Chips Bafi

Your smile always and every day

Chips Smile

Larger quantity. Better taste

Our team

We have a technical team with great experience in the world of chips manufacturing and development, and has the ability to consistency in quality and develop work methods within the requirements and variables of the market and the work team is selected on the basis of a love of work, a desire for success and development

We pledged

The management of our company offers an absolute promise to preserve the health of our children through high standards of quality, and reaching consumer satisfaction is our main engine at work.

Our vision

Our company sets a five-year vision: to reach 80% of the needs of Syrians around the world of chips through manufacturing centers spread within the countries.

Our technologies

Throughout production, we use the latest production lines, the most accurate and the best software to manage the work within the company

Our place

We are currently present in the Turkish and Syrian market and more than ten Arab countries, Europe, America and Canada

Company Values:

1 – The company is based on the principle of presenting rights to its work team and then claiming their duties

2 – Respect among the work team

3 – Success is the natural result of justice. Failure is the natural result of injustice

4 – One of the most important foundations for us is that the customer is always right and working with customers on the principle of transparency

5 – The company is based on the principle of building a work team through training and qualification

6 – The administration doors are always open to complaints and suggestions

7 – Our company realizes that continuity and survival in the market is the fastest, not the strongest

8 – Estimating the value of time and not giving it away and determining work priorities 

9 – The biggest profit for the company is to increase the number of customers and gain their loyalty

10 – The company forms an incubating environment for competencies

They said about us

I am pleased to deal with you and I am extremely satisfied with this service, products and appropriate prices. Thank you.


Amji is one of the best companies producing and distributing chips in the market. I wish them success.


Excellent level of work. I wish you good luck.